9/12/2018 Senior Officer Seminar, September 2018
Tuesday 11th September and Wednesday 12th September, 40 of our Senior Officers are participating in this year’s first “Senior Officer Seminar” in Midd...
8/1/2018 Uni-Tankers and Uni-Chartering join forces as ‘one company’
Dear all,   As per 1st August 2018, Uni-Chartering merged with Uni-Tankers into 'one company', UNI-TANKERS.   Going forward it is ‘business as usu...
11/20/2017 Great Lakes transit
Uni-Tankers tonnage entering the Great Lakes   Please click below picture to watch the journey:    
1/20/2016 M/T Boringia Swan repositioned
As of 1 January 2016, M/ T Boringia Swan was repositioned to south-east Asia where she is working locally on a new contact with an oil major company. ...