Uni-Tankers signs charter for more women in shipping

In January 2020, Danish Shipping launched an initiative with the aim of increasing the number of women in shipping. Danish shipping companies have been invited to sign a charter, called "Charter for more women in shipping", that obliges them to actively focus on diversity in the industry.
"In Uni-Tankers we fully support the initiative and are committed to devise and develop a strategy to increase the share of women at the company – both at sea and ashore. We have signed the “Charter for more women in shipping” because we believe that by focusing on this initiative and putting our efforts into it, we can make a difference”, says Uni-Tankers CEO Per Ekmann.
Approx. 34 percent of Uni-Tankers’ employees ashore are women. 
Approx. 1 percent of Uni-Tankers’ employees at sea are women. 
14 percent of employees in Danish shipping companies are women.
7 percent of employees at sea are women.
2 percent of employees at sea are women, if you exclude ferry companies.
33 percent of ashore employees are women.
Along with 23 other shipping companies, Per Ekmann is featured in below video from Danish Shipping in which he signs the charter.