M/T Amak Swan ready for operation

After undergoing a complete makeover at the Søby Yard, M/T Amak Swan was ready on 13th January 2020. The vessel will operate cargo supply and bunkering operations in Scandinavia and Northern Europe on a time charter arrangement.


What has been done

While at the Søby Yard, M/T Amak Swan has undergone a complete makeover and now looks spiffy in her new Uni-Tankers colors and funnel markings.


But it was not only the outside and the color scheme which needed a make-over. The vessel which was built in 2005 was worn and needed substantial repairs and upgrades as well as a class renewal. Among many things, we can mention a complete main engine and aux. engine overhaul, check and repair of thermal boilers, check and repair of MarFlex cargo pumps including VFD drives, repair of aux. engine power management system, CAP 2 rating on cargo, hull and machinery systems, compliance with Inventory of Hazardous Materials (class statutory requirement with due date 31st December 2020), check and repair of all cargo systems in cargo control room as well as main deck area, and finally installation of WBTS system - these on top of the normal class 03rd special survey jobs.


Both Captain and crew who have sailed on this vessel for many years and chose to stay on are happy about the not only upgrades, which will make their lives at sea both a little bit easier and a lot safer, but also about the open communication from Uni-Tankers:


- Captain Leif Hultgren: “The change of ownership of the vessel to Uni-Tankers brought many positive aspects. Structured and professional handling of the technical as well as personnel related matters by the Uni-Tankers team was a pleasant change for us all! In the times of change and uncertainty, open and frequent communication was very much appreciated by everyone onboard. We look forward to a successful journey ahead!”


Perfect utilization of internal synergies

- Per Ekmann, CEO of Uni-Tankers: “The vessel is the first of hopefully many examples of how we can utilize our internal synergies and as such plays perfectly to the future ambitions of the USTC Group.” 


We wish M/T Amak Swan, her captain and crew fair winds and following seas.