Pop-Up Office London

Following on from the launch of the pop-up office in Geneva in January/February and the success of it, Uni-Chartering decided to move forward and open a pop-up office in London.


The pop-up office was officially opened on October 25th, 2017 by the core pop-up team, Frantz Ekmann and Jonas Skammelsen, who are heading the London office for one month.


To mark the opening of the office, Uni-Chartering hosted a small event at “The Admiralty, Trafalgar Square" in the heart of London. The reception was well-attended and provided a great opportunity for everyone to come together, network and celebrate the opening of the pop-up office.


“Shipping is about relations – and London is an international hub for brokers and charterers. Opening a pop-up office and being present here, will allow Uni-Chartering to grow its presence in the region and come closer to our customers and strengthen the relations”, says Frantz Ekmann, Managing Director of Uni-Chartering.


The interest in the London pop-up office and the attendance at the reception has been great. Thank you to all guests who joined Uni-Chartering at the reception.


We look forward to many interesting and exciting meetings during the next couple of weeks where Uni-Chartering colleagues from France, Turkey and Aalborg, DK will fly in and join the pop-up team in London.


Uni-Chartering Pop-up Office, London is open:

October 25th to November 24th, 2017

108 Cannon Street

London, EC4N 6EU,UK

+45 6037 3958/+45 6038 4127.


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  • Pop-up Office Reception,London