Pop-Up Office Geneva

Uni-Chartering successfully opened its first pop-up office in Geneva on January 16, 2017.


The opening of the office was highlighted with a reception at “Soleil Rouge Tapas & Wine Bar" in the heart of Geneva.


The reception was attended by more than 50 guests, including charterers and brokers from across the region. The atmosphere at the event was relaxed, fine wines and tapas, good talks across the room and most importantly happy good people attending.


The opening of the pop-up office represents an important step in Uni-Chartering’s strategy and future vision. The company is strongly dedicated to maintaining and expanding its network of charterers and brokers in core areas and developing new business.


"With this pop-up office opening in Geneva, we look forward to enhancing the relations with all customers and growing our presence in the region," said Lars W. Nielsen, Chartering Manager. “Our presence in the dynamic center of the best charterers and brokers in Geneva represents a new challenge, a challenge that we are proud and ready to take on…”


The interest in the UC pop-up office and support at the reception has been overwhelming. A special thanks to all the guests who joined Uni-Chartering at the reception; we look forward to many interesting meetings during January/February.


Uni-Chartering Pop-up Office, Geneva is open January 16th to February 17th 2017, at Quai Du Mont-Blanc 3, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland, +45 6037 5410.


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  • Pop-up Office Reception, Geneva