Lasse Ankerstjerne Høi

Operations Manager

Direct phone: +45 88 30 99 08

Mobile: +45 60 37 54 04

ICE ID: lahoi


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Operations Manager

Uni-Tankers A/S
Operations Manager

Uni-Chartering A/S
Tanker Operator

Uni-Chartering A/S
Ship Agent

Maersk Broker Agency

Maersk Broker Agency


The other side of Lasse


There’s no keeping me down

I go through life with a smile on my face, getting rich on great experiences. I often get worn down and I end up looking like something the cat dragged in. But then I bounce back, ready to go one more time. Just like a classic Bruce Willis movie with a worn down cop who always pulls himself up and comes back with a vengeance.

When I am not busy providing a spotless and trustworthy service to our clients, I enjoy playing with my kids, going fishing, bowling with friends. I try to enjoy my occasional running as well. I’m not always successful, but I have an extensive calorie consumption that calls for action.