Fatih Şahin

Tanker Operator/Port Captain

Direct phone: +90 216 302 7795

Mobile: +90 532 688 1788

ICE ID: fsahin

Skype: fsh@uni-tankers.com

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Tanker Operator/Port Captain


Uni-Tankers, TR

Tanker Operator/Port Captain

Uni-Chartering, TR
Chemical/Oil Tankers

Besiktas Shipping
MSc, Maritime Operations & Management


City University London

Chemical/Oil Tankers

Besiktas Shipping


The other side of Fatih


Fast cars, football and friends

Can you imagine anything better than feeling the thrill of speeding in a fast car? I find it hard to top that sensation. But sometimes a nice football match can do the trick. And I am sure that a nice sailing trip on my own boat, when I manage to buy one, on the Caribbean Sea will make my heart skip a beat as well.
When I need to get my pulse rate down, I like to sit outside in the evenings having a good time with some friends. That is when I am cool, calm and relaxed – taking a break from my busy working days at the office.