Recep Felsin

Tanker Operator

Direct phone: +90 216 939 1325

Mobile: +90 530 940 3009

ICE ID: rfelsin


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Tanker Operator


Uni-Tankers, TR

Tanker Operator

Uni-Chartering, TR
Tanker Operator

Atlantik Denizcilik Ticaret ve Sanayi, TR
Marine Safety and Quality Superintendent


Atlantik Denizcilik Ticaret ve Sanayi, TR

Chemical/Oil Tankers

Atlantik Denizcilik Ticaret ve Sanayi, TR


The other side of Recep


Bicycling in Istanbul is my extreme sport

I enjoy my fast-paced and ever-changing work. It keeps me on my toes, and I always aim to be good at what I do. At work, and as a father, friend and team-mate. I am no daredevil, but I commute by bicycle, which is considered an extreme sport by people who know the hectic traffic in Istanbul!

Speaking of the hectic city-life, I am dreaming of the opposite: A peaceful forest-like garden with plenty of time for reading. A sanctuary to which I can retreat and enjoy a glass of wine with my family and friends.