Mikkel Larsson

Managing Director Aalborg

Direct phone: +45 88 30 39 61

Mobile: +45 28 43 41 40

ICE ID: mlarsson2

Skype: mlr@uni-tankers.com

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Managing Director


Uni-Tankers, Aalborg

Chartering Manager

Uni-Chartering A/S
Chartering Manager

Simonsen Chartering
Port Agent

Shipping Trainee

ClearFreight bv, NL


The other side of Mikkel


A good sport – and crazy about sports

I think I am a good sport and contribute to a nice, friendly atmosphere at the office. I like almost all kinds of sports: Diving, skiing, running, training and everything with a ball or racket. I support the football club AaB, we are Danish Champions by the way, and I attend their matches as often as possible.

When I am not working I like to spend time with friends and family. I claim I’m good at cooking, others might say I only prefer to eat. I love to travel – and my biggest dream is to sail in my own sailing boat and explore the world, go diving and enjoy nature and different cultures.