Lærke Vigerø Dyrehauge

HSQE Superintendent/DPA & DCSO

Direct phone: +45 88 61 88 79

Mobile: +45 28 43 61 21

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HSQE Superintendent/DPA

Uni-Tankers A/S


Navigational Officer

Fjord Line Danmark
Nautical Superintendent


Uni-Tankers A/S


Navigational Officer


Uni-Tankers A/S


Navigational Officer

Torm A/S


The other side of Lærke


The best of two "worlds"

The diversity in my working tasks as both CSO and HSQE superintendent strongly motivates me, as two days are never alike.

I enjoy both immersing myself in heavy law books as well as vessel inspections on the other side of the globe. The possibility of combining office days with travel days is very attractive and I always look forward to going onboard our vessels.

In my opinion our crews and vessels are the most important assets in our organization, and the office is here to support, advise and assist them as best as possible.